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The Gift Of Tongues

Jo, UK

I have become so grateful for my Spirit Lifestyle class that meet in my home on a Tuesday evening! One lady suggested we have a Miracle Jar. We can then write down and pop in the jar everything that the Holy Spirit is doing each week amongst us. And pull them out to remind us what God has done!

Last week we continued with the Spirit Lifestyle online series “Power of

The Power Of Words

Bethy, Kenya (Coach)

One of my members reported last week that the workload at her new workplace was weighing her down and she felt so tired. They worked long hours and on Saturdays too. We had been watching training videos on the Power of Words. We all encouraged her to remember to speak life into her work situation. And for the first time in the history of the company, the office

Delivered From Addiction

Jo, UK (Coach)

God is so Good! 🙏

Last night in our in person Spirit Lifestyle Class we were watching the series ‘Gifts of the Spirit’. We got to the video on the spiritual gift of discernment.

In part of the video it shows Aliss talking at at a conference. In this clip Aliss was discerning that God wanted to free some people from demons, so she started to tell some demons to

Healed Physically & Emotionally

Ellen, FL USA

This is what I posted on Facebook today. I don’t usually put healing testimonies on here any more as most don’t believe it. Anything that displays the supernatural powers of Jesus gets labelled as demonic. I do understand if you haven’t seen it most of your life it’s shocking to know that Jesus really did give us authority over all the power of the devil. Luke 10:19. We

Massage & Ministry

Lynn, Switzerland

I am a massage therapist and I’ve always prayed before a massage and also in my heart while working. This past week has been a bit different. My boss asked me to see his Mom, who has cancer. I let him know that massage is not recommended, because it promotes circulation and risks metastasis. She then got the doctors approval and I went to see her. I went, and

God’s Plan!

Shelly, Texas USA

I wanted to share something powerful that happened yesterday.

Shortly after my Spirit Lifestyle class was over, I thought about going to a local store to pick up a small wreath for a fall decoration that needed something as an adornment. One of my class members came to mind to ask if she’d like to go with me. Keep in mind that my plan was to pick up one

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