Transformation Stories from those impacted by Spirit Lifestyle

Thirsty For The Living Water

THREE MUSLIM GIRLS regularly come into the Miracle Café. They’re students from the Middle East and speak Arabic. One speaks really good English, but the others need her to interpret for them, which gets a bit tricky when we’re prophesying and have to speak slowly. They come in regularly because they are sooo hungry for encounters with God and they bring different friends with them each time.


Now My Head Is Clear!

Mirjam, Tennessee (Coach)

In our class session last Saturday we had two members that our group prayed for and practised the Gifts of the Holy Spirit. (We did the 8 week video series).

One girl suffered from an unidentified fatigue for many years. Several people prayed, shared words of knowledge and did warfare over her. I asked her in the evening how she was doing. She wrote me the following;

“I’ve been having

I Can Touch My Toes…!

Eva, Texas (Coach)

During our last Spirit Lifestyle Class many of the members brought up struggling with back pain lately. It occurred to me how strange that it was SO MANY in the class with the same issue. Of course we prayed, for the whole class, and for other things as we usually do.

I have noticed that when there is an attack in an area, that could mean there is a

Clairvoyant Turns To Jesus

A CLAIRVOYANT CAME INTO OUR CAFÉ with her middle-aged daughter. They both felt drawn to the place and said something pulled them in. After ordering food and drinks, the daughter explained how she was in a lot of pain with fibromyalgia. She’d also been to the hospital in the past week for an epidural because of slipped discs in her back, but it hadn’t worked and told us

All Are Welcome Here

TWO LESBIAN WOMEN came into our Miracle Café – actually, one told me they were a trans man. I seated them at a table in the corner and as I explained the menu to them, they said they’d heard all about our fantastic food and the free spiritual menu that we offer – in fact that’s why they’d come.
Apparently a friend of theirs had been in

Wow That Was A Quick Miracle!

A FEW WEEKS AGO, soon after we opened, a woman popped intoMiracle Café Bangor just to ask if we were dog friendly. I told her that we welcome well-behaved dogs and have a special seating area for customers with dogs. I also explained why we’re called the Miracle Café and she then told me her husband had been rushed to hospital; it was very serious and she

Turn Your Life Around

A YOUNG GUY came into the Miracle Café for his lunch and also asked for a personal prophecy from the menu. We shared how he has a leadership gift and is going to influence a lot of people. But God wanted him to know that he has a decision to make: is he going to use that gift to influence and lead people down the wrong path or onto the right path? Just like a

This Ministry Has Changed My Life!

Ellen, Florida, USA (Spirit Lifestyle Coach)

A year ago, before Spirit Lifestyle, I wouldn’t have known what to do how to minister to this lady.

She gave her heart to Jesus today for the first time at church. The pastor called alter workers forward and so I went. These were her words:

“I’ve been so lost and tormented by the devil, I’ve felt like I was damned to hell for so long because my

I Was Healed In The Cafe!

SV, Wales, UK

I visited the miracle café in Bangor the first week it opened after being told about it from a friend. I limped in with a walking stick with bone on bone arthritis in my knee. I have been put forward for a new knee by my doctor. I requested a healing from the spiritual menu at the café and I was prayed for. I walked out without my stick and have been pain

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