Transformation Stories from those impacted by Spirit Lifestyle

Kellyann – from seeker to songwriter

Meet Kellyann and hear the incredible story of how this Liverpool singer thought she was simply going out for a coffee when she met Aliss and the team in Chester! Hear what supernatural manifestations happened next, the amazing transformation that followed and how she is now writing songs, something she'd never done before. Pray along with Kellyann and discover how an encounter with the Lord

Double Car Miracle

Motlalepula, Botswana (Spirit Lifestyle Coach)

My car was making a rattling sound on the wheel whenever I stepped on the break. The mechanic replaced some parts but it was getting worse! Now there was another sound even without me braking. I was disappointed and sad. For two days the car was making unusual noises. Whilst praying at night, Holy Spirit whispered to me to pray for the car as if it were

Aliss: Stuttgart Testimonies July 2021

Aliss Cresswell – Stuttgart July 2021

This lady could not move parts of her body for 19 years. One night (at an event I was speaking at in Germany) Jesus healed her, and now everything’s moving again normally! Wow imagine what a difference that will make to her life. Jesus said He came to give us life in all its fullness. It’s time to

The Greatest Transformation!

Monika, Germany

I attended the Saturday session of an event in Filderstadt/Stuttgart. I experienced the greatest transformation in my life! Aliss prayed for the healing of backs and, oh, I was shaking so much and felt God‘s power and warmth healing the damaged areas in my back. It was a really intense feeling, nothing like I had felt before! Aliss asked where the damage came from and I said ‘a crime’, and

Healing Weekend

Betsy, Kentucky, USA (Spirit Lifestyle Coach & Hub Rep)

I was at an outside tent gathering in Kentucky this past weekend & was so excited to see many people report healing when they were prayed for by the team (which I was honoured to be part of one night as well).

My friend’s son had had hearing loss when he had a tonsillectomy a while back & was deaf in one of his

Encountering The Living God

Spirit Lifestyle Team Member, Wales, UK

My Son was amazed by the personal story a homeless woman who the Holy Spirit asked him to give money to. Her testimony of encountering the living God will astound you!

My son who is a student had a really wonderful encounter today in the city where he studies. He saw a couple of homeless guys last week & felt moved to buy them some iced lollies/popsicles

I Don’t Believe This..!?

Motlalepula, Botswana (Spirit Lifestyle Coach)

A friend sent me a text message that he had side effects from a vaccine, dizziness and headache, insomnia. He was in hospital since last Thursday. I prayed over the phone and rebuked the sickness in the name of Jesus. I then asked him to sit up. He was so surprised that he could sit without feeling the bed spinning around. I led him to repent from agreeing with the sickness and guided him to command

Playground Ministry

Mirjam, Tennessee, USA (Spirit Lifestyle Coach)

I had mentioned before I have a Playground Ministry! I mostly witness or testify, rarely pray for someone. Most Moms are young and healthy. But yesterday my son had a playdate at the Playground and the boy’s grandmother came. She was sitting at one of the picnic tables and she told me she had suffered a stabbing pain in her back all day.

She didn’t know what

Healing In My Shop!

Ellen, Florida, USA

Just had two ladies come in my shop to buy art kits and shop the gift shop. I began to testify about the scripture He gave me for my Spirit Lifestyle Class. They were both so sad and looked like they had no hope. I found out the one had just had surgery and was in pain in her leg.

I asked her if I could pray for her and what was

God’s Love Through Support

Spirit Lifestyle Member, England, UK

I very recently became a member of Spirit Lifestyle and have now attended two classes as well as having listened to several of the videos available on the website. I have found the classes extremely helpful and very refreshing with respect to how they are run. They provide the opportunity for learning as well as praying for one another. David and Susie (the coaches of my class) have been brilliant providing encouragement, support and prayer.

Considering they

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