Transformation Stories from those impacted by Spirit Lifestyle

Kellyann – from seeker to songwriter

Meet Kellyann and hear the incredible story of how this Liverpool singer thought she was simply going out for a coffee when she met Aliss and the team in Chester! Hear what supernatural manifestations happened next, the amazing transformation that followed and how she is now writing songs, something she'd never done before. Pray along with Kellyann and discover how an encounter with the Lord

Word Of Knowledge Confirmation

Matthews, Kenya

A few weeks ago we were studying the gifts of the Holy Spirit during our Spirit Lifestyle class, specifically on word of wisdom and knowledge. Another member gave me a word of knowledge “the Lord is saying the assignment is not yours”. This word troubled me a lot because I did not know which assignment the Lord was referring to, so my spirit kind of went into an alert mode

Miracles Breaking Out In Church

Elisha, Michigan, USA (Spirit Lifestyle Coach & Hub Rep)

I preached yesterday at my dads church (the church I grew up in), I have never done that before. It was scary but exciting at the same time! I shared what God has been doing with our Spirit Lifestyle Saturday morning classes and shared testimonies of how God has been moving in deliverance and healing in our miracle hub.

Then I offered prayer and

Kidney Stones Gone!

Motlalepula, Botswana (Spirit Lifestyle Coach)

When I woke up this morning I asked the Lord to give me a word of knowledge for someone I will meet today! Around 9am I received a call from a gentleman I know, he said he was diagnosed with kidney stones and an inflammation in the left kidney. He is booked for a specialist and is stuck in bed because the pain was so bad. I

Skin Condition Healed!

Sally, UK

I just want to share a couple of testimonies from watching the UK Celebration Livestream. There was a point in the last session when Aliss was speaking and she commanded oppression to come off people’s hearts. I think it was to do with the veil that she discerned in the Spirit, like a dark veil. As she prayed I felt that her command was powerful, and that God had done

Set Free From Autism

Latimee, UK

I am the mummy who testified about her son being set free from the spirit of autism, God is wonderful!! He has set my son free from every demonic attack that used to come to him in the night to stop him sleeping. God is so great, my son (who is non verbal) said “A BABY” and “MAMA” and “DADA”! Everything has changed.

Even my marital life – me and my

One Of The Family

Heather, UK

I attended the UK Celebration event and felt so welcomed like I was one of the family. I always find it difficult to attend something like this alone but it was so wonderful to meet face to face & spend time with some of those I knew from the online site, or from our zoom classes. The teaching was inspirational and gave me revelation on things I had not encountered

Abundant Blessings

Aivars, Latvia

I am a Spirit Lifestyle member and joined the UK Celebration via Livestream and I was very impressed with the conference. I really enjoyed watching live, the anointed complex learning, healing release, water baptisms and blessings for ministry. The next day I contacted my eldest daughter who lives alone. It was a very sacred conversation, she accepted Jesus as her Lord!! Thank you Jesus and thank you, Rob and Aliss

Peace At Last

Geoff, UK

I attended the Spirit Lifestyle Celebration event Miracle Night – my mind had been in turmoil and I hadn’t been sleeping for the past 2 months. After receiving prayer and tingling all over I have had a full nights sleep and felt the heaviness lift off me and my positive mindset return!! I can’t believe it!

All glory to God!!

The Biggest Deliverance Experienced In The 30 Years Of My Christian Life!


Wow – the Celebration event in Manchester was the most amazing and anointed Christian conference that I have ever attended! I feel empowered to live out Christian life in my everyday life, under the love and power of the Holy Spirit. As well as experiencing a supernatural encounter with God, and healing, I came away from conference with a thirst to read Gods word, and also read again

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