Restoring Joy

“TWO SISTERS ASKED ME ABOUT THE SPIRITUAL MENU. They said they were struggling as their Mum had died recently and one of the sisters asked for a ‘reading’. I explained how we offer personal prophecy from God, but how it is very different from the times she’s been to see a medium – a completely different spirit!
When I asked the Lord to show me something for the lady, I saw a picture of a pink cowboy hat (in the Spirit) and said that the Lord wanted to restore her joy and good memories of her Mum. She said her Mum had a pink cowboy hat so this encouraged her! She said she felt a comforting feeling as we were praying which I know was God’s presence. However, physically she was in extreme pain with a bad back & awaiting a hospital appointment. She told me she struggled to sleep at night, the pain was so bad. So I prayed for healing & she said the pain had lessened & she could feel heat. She said it went down to a 7 out of 10 so we prayed again, then it went to a 4.
I asked the Holy Spirit to show me if there was any reason she still had pain in her back and as we prayed again, I told any effects of a difficult or abusive relationship to be broken off in Jesus name. She was really surprised that I’d prayed that. She went on to tell me that her ex-partner treated her badly & threw something at her back years ago which was the cause of all the back pain she’d had! I explained how much God loves her & that He wants her to seek Him.” – shared by Claire at Miracle Café Bangor.
What a wonderful encounter this lady and her sister had with Jesus. It’s interesting that as Claire prayed for the woman’s back, the pain began to reduce dramatically, but Claire was also asking the Holy Spirit to show her if there was anything else she needed to know about it and immediately the Lord showed her what that was. As she stepped out in faith and prayed, breaking off the effects of abusive trauma, the woman was not only able to be healed physically, but mentally and emotionally too.
God wants us whole in spirit, soul and body and He also wants us to help others receive healing and freedom too. Next time you’re praying for someone, ask the Holy Spirit to show you if there’s a root cause and, following the way of love, share what He shows you. I’d love to hear of a time you’ve done this. Either comment below or write it on our community page at
Aliss Cresswell

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