The Gift Of Tongues

Jo, UK I have become so grateful for my Spirit Lifestyle class that meet in my home on a Tuesday evening! One lady

The Gift Of Tongues2023-02-08T07:50:34+00:00

Look Who We Bumped Into!

LOOK WHO WE BUMPED INTO TODAY! Kieran was the first person to be healed when we opened our first café back in 2009

Look Who We Bumped Into!2022-12-13T10:42:37+00:00

Sound The Alarm

Eva, Texas USA WOAH. What an amazing summer it has been in the classes! It has been full speed ahead, and the Lord

Sound The Alarm2022-08-22T20:40:50+00:00

I Can Touch My Toes…!

Eva, Texas (Coach) During our last Spirit Lifestyle Class many of the members brought up struggling with back pain lately. It occurred to

I Can Touch My Toes…!2022-04-27T12:56:00+00:00

Divine Favor

BA, Ethiopia (Coach) I want to glorify God for the divine favor on my life. In June this year I went on a

Divine Favor2021-12-01T13:51:03+00:00

An Amazing Resource!

MN, Ireland I joined an online Spirit Lifestyle class as I wanted to be part of a group of believers who are seeking after

An Amazing Resource!2021-11-05T13:54:36+00:00

A Divine Appointment

Lorraine, UK ‘Every plant, which my Heavenly Father hath not planted, will be pulled up by the roots ‘ Matthew 15:13. God pulls

A Divine Appointment2021-10-21T06:48:56+00:00
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