Healed Physically & Emotionally

Ellen, FL USA

This is what I posted on Facebook today. I don’t usually put healing testimonies on here any more as most don’t believe it. Anything that displays the supernatural powers of Jesus gets labelled as demonic. I do understand if you haven’t seen it most of your life it’s shocking to know that Jesus really did give us authority over all the power of the devil. Luke 10:19. We don’t see it much because we don’t step out in faith or believe it.

I have many testimonies people who were healed when I have prayed for them. Here is one!

A friend came to my art shop, I could see that he had just come out of a bad situation. I told him to remember the love of Christ and what Jesus did for him 2,000 years ago for salvation and healing. Isaiah 53. I prayed for him in my prayer chairs in the shop and Holy Spirit was very present.

He began to weep as I spoke the word over him. He renounced sin and anything he had done to open doors for the devil to torment him. After he renounced and repented I commanded the demons to leave in Jesus name of pain and torment and they did. His back felt better immediately. This was about 2 months ago and wanted to give it some time to be sure but he has been working a vigorous job using his back and he no longer has back pain. Before we prayed all he could talk about was the special mattresses he had to have and all the things he couldn’t do because of back pain.

Here is his testimony:
My name is Dery and I want to write how Ellen prayed for my back to be healed and I am healed by the grace of God. I came down from Kentucky in a very difficult moment where my hopes were let down by difficult situations there. My spirit was let down by these events, guilt, sickness, uncertainty, sadness, despair, exhaustion and much more as I broke down with tears in my eyes when Ellen prayed for my healing. Not only prayed for my current situation of hurt but with a powerful prayer that covered areas I didn’t know I needed to be prayed on. Right now I’m enjoying the love of the Lord has for us and the wonderful things he can do for us.

He has rededicated his life to Christ and since by a word of knowledge the lord gave has turned his life around completely. He has worked two custodial type jobs very hard back work and had had no pain since! Praise God!

(Originally posted on our Spirit Lifestyle Community Page)