Inspired To Have A Go

Judi, Washington, USA (Coach) I am super excited to share that one of my members has never before laid hands on someone and

Inspired To Have A Go2021-12-01T07:33:10+00:00

Be Blessed Today!

Shelly, Texas, USA Hey Spirit Lifestyle family 💗 I thought that I'd share with you what the Lord put on my heart to

Be Blessed Today!2021-11-23T13:23:23+00:00

Supernatural Energy

Lorinda & Doreen, South Africa/New Jersey USA (Spirit Lifestyle Coaches) During our class we prayed for a lady who is waiting for her

Supernatural Energy2021-11-11T11:11:49+00:00

God Is Good!

Elisha, Michigan, USA (Spirit Lifestyle Coach & Hub Rep) Thank you so much to the Spirit Lifestyle team for praying for us, our first

God Is Good!2021-11-10T14:01:23+00:00

Model After Christ

Elisha, Michigan, USA (Spirit Lifestyle Coach & Hub Rep) God has been moving so powerfully. We have been blessed to have Saturday zoom

Model After Christ2021-11-08T09:20:58+00:00

Freedom From Migraines

Elisha, Michigan, USA (Spirit Lifestyle Coach & Hub Rep) I was invited to sing at a program last night. It was a conference

Freedom From Migraines2021-08-03T07:05:05+00:00

Allergies HEALED!

Grace, NJ USA Check out this amazing testimony video! Grace was prayed for by some friends, including one of our wonderful Spirit Lifestyle

Allergies HEALED!2021-08-02T09:32:39+00:00

Healing Weekend

Betsy, Kentucky, USA (Spirit Lifestyle Coach & Hub Rep) I was at an outside tent gathering in Kentucky this past weekend & was

Healing Weekend2021-07-21T08:47:26+00:00

Playground Ministry

Mirjam, Tennessee, USA (Spirit Lifestyle Coach) I had mentioned before I have a Playground Ministry! I mostly witness or testify, rarely pray for

Playground Ministry2021-07-14T12:42:49+00:00
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