Transformation Stories from those impacted by Spirit Lifestyle

Model After Christ

Elisha, Michigan, USA (Spirit Lifestyle Coach & Hub Rep)

God has been moving so powerfully. We have been blessed to have Saturday zoom classes and our in-person Thursday sessions for our miracle hub. Yesterday I had another amazing experience. My modeling agent booked me for a bridal shoot. I modeled Berta collection bridal gowns ranging from $16,000 to $20,000 (See attached photo of our shoot). The whole time I thought about being

An Amazing Resource!

MN, Ireland

I joined an online Spirit Lifestyle class as I wanted to be part of a group of believers who are seeking after God and contending to see miracles, and gifts of the Holy Spirit operating in our lives.

My coach, Marion, and the class prayed for me about a month ago for lingering symptoms of pain in my ear that I had off and on for quite a while. I really

A Divine Appointment

Lorraine, UK

‘Every plant, which my Heavenly Father hath not planted, will be pulled up by the roots ‘ Matthew 15:13.

God pulls out ungodly roots from our lives so that we may bear much fruit and have a beautiful landscape set before us. Very often, the roots must go before we can move forward in the fullness of the Spirit. I’ve been seeking God with my all my heart, passionate to use

God Supplies All Our Needs

Judene, South Africa (Coach)

Yesterday was my mother’s birthday, she is always so helpful to my family and me, so I wanted to make her day extra special. I asked the Holy Spirit to help with the provision early during morning prayer time. Later that day I spoke with my husband over the phone and he mentioned that we should trust God. I replied and said yes we can only trust in

Ancient Pathways: Feedback

Lene, Norway (Coach)

I run a Spirit Lifestyle class in my home and we have watched the same video two weeks in a row (Ancient Pathways: Meditation). We feel the topic of being present in our lives is so important, so we wanted to soak with this for an extra week. Lectio Divina (or Holy reading) is an ancient art form that is no longer preached, or taught, even though we need

Word Of Knowledge Confirmation

Matthews, Kenya

A few weeks ago we were studying the gifts of the Holy Spirit during our Spirit Lifestyle class, specifically on word of wisdom and knowledge. Another member gave me a word of knowledge “the Lord is saying the assignment is not yours”. This word troubled me a lot because I did not know which assignment the Lord was referring to, so my spirit kind of went into an alert mode

Miracles Breaking Out In Church

Elisha, Michigan, USA (Spirit Lifestyle Coach & Hub Rep)

I preached yesterday at my dads church (the church I grew up in), I have never done that before. It was scary but exciting at the same time! I shared what God has been doing with our Spirit Lifestyle Saturday morning classes and shared testimonies of how God has been moving in deliverance and healing in our miracle hub.

Then I offered prayer and

Kidney Stones Gone!

Motlalepula, Botswana (Spirit Lifestyle Coach)

When I woke up this morning I asked the Lord to give me a word of knowledge for someone I will meet today! Around 9am I received a call from a gentleman I know, he said he was diagnosed with kidney stones and an inflammation in the left kidney. He is booked for a specialist and is stuck in bed because the pain was so bad. I

Skin Condition Healed!

Sally, UK

I just want to share a couple of testimonies from watching the UK Celebration Livestream. There was a point in the last session when Aliss was speaking and she commanded oppression to come off people’s hearts. I think it was to do with the veil that she discerned in the Spirit, like a dark veil. As she prayed I felt that her command was powerful, and that God had done

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