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Sound The Alarm

Eva, Texas USA

WOAH. What an amazing summer it has been in the classes! It has been full speed ahead, and the Lord is doing a mighty work through Spirit Lifestyle and the team…thank you for all the ‘food’ for us to “EAT” !!!! (The videos and teaching materials) You make it easy to walk in what the Lord has for us!!! 😊🙌

We have seen the Lord move mightily over the

Angels, Salvation & Healing


I have always enjoyed watching Rob & Aliss on Facebook and I was watching one of Aliss’ posts and the Holy Spirit whispered in my right ear so clearly and said “be one of the members and I will help you”. That was last month and I kept delaying it.

I prayed, signed up and started to watch videos from Season 1. I followed the faith activation there and

Faith Activation In The Mall

Lorinda, South Africa

Today me and my Mum (Doreen) had a ‘date’ in the Middelburg mall, here in South Africa where I am visiting. My Mum also invited a fellow believer-friend of hers along, who she wants me to meet today. My Mum challenged us to believe for a word of knowledge so God can highlight someone we need to pray for.

My Mum saw the word ‘red shoes’
Her friend –

I’m Dumbfounded!

I WAS ON A ZOOM CALL when I heard a knock at my door. I ended the call, opened the door and was greeted by this friendly guy bringing our grocery order. It was the first time he’d been here and he remarked on the beautiful location on the mountain.

The Holy Spirit had given me a word earlier when I asked Him for something for whoever would be knocking

From Gongs To God!

A WOMAN AND HER MOTHER came into our Miracle Café in Bangor. The younger lady told me that some years ago she used to come to the café that was here before us. She particularly liked the GONG evenings. I had to ask her twice what she’d said as I’d never heard of that before! I think they would use a gong for Eastern meditation and healing.

Anyway, I showed

Supernatural Discernment Of Illnesses

RW, New Zealand

We have been doing Church services in a remand prison in Auckland once a month for over 10 years. I read Aliss’ first book ‘A Diary Of Miracles‘ and it inspired me tremendously! It made me feel hungry to experience the same! This led me to responded to a call for an impartation of healing by Holy Spirit when I attended a conference with a

‘Pregnant – Hungry’

Hollie, Florida USA

Rivers of living water flowing forth from our bellies!

Today is my last Sunday in Florida prior to moving to another state. My daughter and I agreed that we would like to relax at the Gulf Coast for the morning even though we are typically in church. So we headed out.

We pulled off the highway to purchase some water bottles for our cooler. However, the gas station that we

God Loves You

IT WAS A BUSY DAY IN THE CAFÉ and I was racing round, seating people, serving food and clearing tables as usual. I seated a young couple and as I was taking their food order, the guy said he’d like to try a prophecy too, and the young woman said she needed freedom from negative thoughts.

So while I was taking the order to our chef, I asked the Holy

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