God Is Moving Amongst Us!

Jo, UK I am really loving running my Spirit Lifestyle class on a Wednesday evening in my home. We were all saying last

God Is Moving Amongst Us!2022-06-28T13:24:01+00:00

I Will Never Be The Same

Ellen, Florida USA A lady came to my first in-person Spirit Lifestyle class a while ago and we had amazing, identical words from

I Will Never Be The Same2022-06-28T08:05:41+00:00

Now My Head Is Clear!

Mirjam, Tennessee (Coach) In our class session last Saturday we had two members that our group prayed for and practised the Gifts of

Now My Head Is Clear!2022-05-10T14:20:18+00:00

I Can Touch My Toes…!

Eva, Texas (Coach) During our last Spirit Lifestyle Class many of the members brought up struggling with back pain lately. It occurred to

I Can Touch My Toes…!2022-04-27T12:56:00+00:00

My Grandson Did Not Die!

Beverly, South Africa I am filled with praises, singing GLORY HALELUJAH to our Jehovah Rapha, Jehovah Gibbor, Jehovah

My Grandson Did Not Die!2022-03-15T15:13:25+00:00

First Class In Bangor!

Stu, Wales (Coach) Praise God for the amazing Miracles at our first Spirit Lifestyle class in the Miracle Café in Bangor! There were

First Class In Bangor!2022-04-23T07:34:24+00:00

Inspired To Have A Go

Judi, Washington, USA (Coach) I am super excited to share that one of my members has never before laid hands on someone and

Inspired To Have A Go2022-05-09T09:52:09+00:00

Supernatural Energy

Lorinda & Doreen, South Africa/New Jersey USA (Spirit Lifestyle Coaches) During our class we prayed for a lady who is waiting for her

Supernatural Energy2021-11-11T11:11:49+00:00
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