Delivered From Addiction

Jo, UK (Coach)

God is so Good! 🙏

Last night in our in person Spirit Lifestyle Class we were watching the series ‘Gifts of the Spirit’. We got to the video on the spiritual gift of discernment.

In part of the video it shows Aliss talking at at a conference. In this clip Aliss was discerning that God wanted to free some people from demons, so she started to tell some demons to leave!

As she was doing this, a lady in our group stated manifesting. So we quickly stopped the video to pray. She was in shock as her legs were paralyzed and she couldn’t move them. Paralysis I believe is a manifestation.

We commanded this demon to leave in Jesus name and to go back to the foot of the Cross where it belonged. She felt it come up and out of her!

This was a “sudden” moment as we were not expecting this whilst watching the video. But I am so glad we were all well trained to deal with this head on, thanks to Spirit Lifestyle!

She said as soon as Aliss was commanding the demon of addiction to leave something was happening to her physically. She informed us later that she had an addictive personality.

We were all so thankful and Joyful after this, and she sent a text message when she got home to say she felt amazing!!🙏💕🙏💕🙏

(Originally posted on our Spirit Lifestyle Community Page)

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