Massage & Ministry

Lynn, Switzerland

I am a massage therapist and I’ve always prayed before a massage and also in my heart while working. This past week has been a bit different. My boss asked me to see his Mom, who has cancer. I let him know that massage is not recommended, because it promotes circulation and risks metastasis. She then got the doctors approval and I went to see her. I went, and before me was a very frail woman with a very distended abdomen. I gave her a lovely massage and close to the end she told me her painkillers had worn off and that she’s in bad pain in her abdomen.

Then I (for the first time ever while at work!) told her I’m a Christian and asked if I could pray for the pain to leave . .. she said yes and I prayed. The pain was relieved!  She got emotional and so did I. I shared the Gospel of Jesus with her and she told me she’s Jewish.

After I left her house, I drove a bit and then pulled over and sobbed thanking the Lord for what He just did. And suddenly a fear of losing my job hit me and I began to pray. I got Joshua 1:9 and felt better, I focussed on the fact that Jesus is my boss and went on my way.

On Saturday while working I got a word of knowledge for the woman I was working on…  the Holy Spirit to give me the opportunity to share it with her! I ended up giving it to her, praying for her and I asked if she knew Jesus and she told me she’s Jewish! I was like … Lord ?! You’re sending me to a lot of Jewish people! lol!

I was a lot more bold the this time round and thanks to the Spirit Lifestyle video series on the portal, I intend to go out praying for more and more people everyday. Thank you for reading this long post, God bless you and be encouraged!

(Originally posted on our Spirit Lifestyle Community Page)