Inspired To Have A Go

Judi, Washington, USA (Coach) I am super excited to share that one of my members has never before laid hands on someone and

Inspired To Have A Go2021-12-01T07:33:10+00:00

I Am Healed!

Alice, Kenya I had pain in my left breast for almost an year. I visited different doctors but they failed to diagnose. I

I Am Healed!2021-11-30T13:46:41+00:00

Activating The Gift Of Tongues

Bethy, Ethiopia I reached out to coach Judene after she posted a testimony of how she interacts with the Holy Spirit. My desire

Activating The Gift Of Tongues2021-11-17T08:26:11+00:00

Kidney Stones Gone!

Motlalepula, Botswana (Spirit Lifestyle Coach) When I woke up this morning I asked the Lord to give me a word of knowledge for

Kidney Stones Gone!2021-10-06T08:12:30+00:00

Freedom From Migraines

Elisha, Michigan, USA (Spirit Lifestyle Coach & Hub Rep) I was invited to sing at a program last night. It was a conference

Freedom From Migraines2021-08-03T07:05:05+00:00

I Don’t Believe This..!?

Motlalepula, Botswana (Spirit Lifestyle Coach) A friend sent me a text message that he had side effects from a vaccine, dizziness and headache,

I Don’t Believe This..!?2021-07-15T07:44:50+00:00

Spirit Of Fear

Class Member, Norway During the class task we were to ask if anybody knew or suspected any demons. One member said she has

Spirit Of Fear2021-07-07T12:54:53+00:00

Delivered From Witchcraft

Elisha, Michigan, USA (Spirit Lifestyle Coach) Testimony shared by Elisha of deliverance for a dear sister from witchcraft. As a child her parents

Delivered From Witchcraft2021-07-02T12:55:48+00:00

Don’t Stop Believing

Judene, South Africa (Coach) This Saturday I saw a friend who I haven't spoken with for almost three months. Last time we spoke

Don’t Stop Believing2021-07-02T07:07:18+00:00
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