Heart Of Compassion

“DEMONIAC” was the word I got when I asked the Holy Spirit to show me about the delivery guy who was about to arrive at my door this morning. ‘Oh, that’s all I need’ – I thought to myself. Immediately my mind went to the demoniac in the Bible as I asked the Holy Spirit to show me more.
The first thing I remembered was that the guy in the gospel accounts would cut himself. So when the delivery driver arrived, I told him that God had shown me something about him. Unfortunately, his van was blocking the road and was holding up a car, so we didn’t have much time! But I asked him if he or someone close to him suffered with mental health issues and self-harm.
He told me that a young woman he knew, but hadn’t seen in years, had just messaged him the night before to say she wanted to hurt herself. She had a history of self-harm and apparently her arms were really messed up. He had no idea why she’d contacted him at 4 in the morning completely out of the blue!
The other thing was that he’d come all the way from a supermarket 65 miles away to bring our groceries but he didn’t know why. The Lord obviously wanted to speak to him.
After praying for the girl he’d mentioned, I started to prophesy to the guy and told him that he has God’s heart of compassion and that he’ll come into contact with more people like the young lady who need to know God’s love and freedom. And that as He follows Jesus, he will have the wisdom and the power to be able to help them. It’s like he’s going to be stepping into God’s purpose for his life. He told me he’d been in the prison service for 25 years and managed to only be stabbed once! (he showed me the scar), but what I’d said was really interesting and spoke to him greatly. He was glad he’d come all this way.
He had to dash, but he stayed a moment to tell me, “I’ve never been into religion but I want to come to faith. There’s a spiritual war going on and the only option is faith.” I had to agree! As he walked up the path I was shouting after him, “It’s Jesus – give your life to Jesus. He loves you!” And I’m sure that he will. He was really quite impacted by this brief but powerful encounter with Jesus today.
We’re finding people from all walks of life are turning to Jesus. Almost everyone I talk to seems to be recognising their need for Him and very open to the power of the Holy Spirit.
I’m so glad the Lord directed us to start up our online training portal just before lockdown. We’re able to invite anyone, anywhere in the world to join and be mentored and trained in the ways of God, discovering their true identity and walking in the fullness of their inheritance and purpose.
As this move of God increases across the nations, it’s important to have people who can mentor and train those who are coming to faith so they can know their true identity as children of God. We need more help! If you would be willing to volunteer as one of our Spirit Lifestyle Coaches, we’d love to hear from you. No experience necessary, just a heart surrendered to God and a desire to help others progress in their walk with Jesus. We’ll give you all the resources, training and support you need to start a local or online Class. For more details on our portal and Classes visit SpiritLifestyle.com/classes
Aliss Cresswell

If you’d like more training in this, a safe place to practice and a supportive community to cheer you on, then we’d love you to join us!