Drawn Into The Cafe

A BUSINESSMAN CAME INTO Miracle Café Bangor and just wanted a coffee to take out, but while he was waiting, I mentioned our spiritual menu. He loved the sound of that and asked for prophecy. He changed his coffee order to stay in rather than take away and sat in a quiet corner so he could hear all that God wanted to say to him.

He didn’t know Jesus personally, but when I said he reminded me of a guy in the Bible called Daniel who was a seer, he told me he saw a lot of stuff in the spirit – good and bad – and that his name was Daniel! He asked lots of questions about stuff he was seeing and we were able to help him make sense of it all.

We also told him that we sensed it was time to decide if he was going to surrender his life to Jesus. He was very thoughtful and seemed quite impacted. He stayed for some time on his own, just mulling over everything we’d shared with him and said he felt God had drawn him into our café and that he knew he needed to invite Jesus into his life. He’d got so far on his own, but even though he had successful businesses, there was something major lacking in his life, and today he’d discovered what, or who that was!

The spiritual climate right now is poised for a major move of God. The Holy Spirit is drawing people to Jesus, and we’re already seeing the fruit. What an exciting time to be alive!

If you’d like to partner with us and open a Miracle Café in your community, do get in touch. Things are hotting up! www.miracle.cafe

I want to encourage you to share Jesus with those you meet. If you know you’re going to be seeing someone, then how about asking the Holy Spirit to show you something about them before you meet? Then follow the way of love and share it with them, but be ready to step outside of your comfort zone. I do this all the time, but it’s always challenging!

Aliss Cresswell

If you’d like more training in this, a safe place to practice and a supportive community to cheer you on, then we’d love you to join us!