Angels, Salvation & Healing


I have always enjoyed watching Rob & Aliss on Facebook and I was watching one of Aliss’ posts and the Holy Spirit whispered in my right ear so clearly and said “be one of the members and I will help you”. That was last month and I kept delaying it.

I prayed, signed up and started to watch videos from Season 1. I followed the faith activation there and before the end of the video I saw white lights beaming behind Aliss. At the end of video I saw lots of white figures (maybe angels!), their faces were blurry. Last week I watched the next 2 videos about God’s healing power. I asked for forgiveness and accepted Him as my Lord and Saviour.

I asked Jesus to completely heal me from carpal tunnel syndrome (I had it in me left hand for 7 months already, with lots of physiotherapies & exercises but not much improvement). I followed, believed what the video said and I got HEALED. Praise and thanks to Jesus!