I Have A Strange Question!

Hollie, Florida USA

I was on a brief, 2 hour flight to Philly this past week. The flight was full except for the open middle seat between a woman and myself. She chatted with me a bit before take off and then was plugged in to watching videos with ear buds. I asked the Lord if He wanted to share anything with me about her or had a word for her. All I heard was the word, “asthma”. She continued to be plugged in to her video the rest of the flight. Once she took her ear buds out as we were landing, I heard the Lord ask me, “are you going to obey me?”

So, I leaned over and said once we had landed, “I have a strange question and you can tell me to bug off if you’d like. I am a follower of Jesus. He shares things with me for people that need healing in their bodies and souls. May I ask you a question?”. She said, “yes”. So I proceeded to ask her if she or someone in her family suffers with asthma.

She said that her one daughter suffers terribly with it and then she also told me about the sad condition her other daughter has been in for 2 years in hospital with many ailments. I told her the Jesus loves her, her family and that He doesn’t show me issues unless He wants to minister healing. She said that she and her girls have tons of faith in Jesus and they are believing for miracles. We agreed to pray, right there. As we released the power of Jesus into her daughters’ bodies and told the evil spirits causing sickness to leave, the Holy Spirit gave me another word of knowledge. He showed me that the woman’s boyfriend suffers with a great deal of pain in the bottoms of his feet. So, I asked her about that and she confirmed that was correct. We prayed for him too.

Later on after picking up the baggage. She text messaged me that her boyfriend’s feet were feeling much better and that once she was back with her girls, she would be sure to let me know how they have improved.

Jesus is so good! He is the Great Physician and He loves us ridiculously.

I share these testimonies to glorify Jesus and also to continue to encourage all of us to keep in step with Holy Spirit. As Aliss says, “give it a go”, however Holy Spirit chooses to gift and flow through you. He’s so good!

(Originally posted on our Spirit Lifestyle Community Page)