Faith Activation In The Mall

Lorinda, South Africa

Today me and my Mum (Doreen) had a ‘date’ in the Middelburg mall, here in South Africa where I am visiting. My Mum also invited a fellow believer-friend of hers along, who she wants me to meet today. My Mum challenged us to believe for a word of knowledge so God can highlight someone we need to pray for.

My Mum saw the word ‘red shoes’
Her friend – Leaves (a particular green leaf)
Me: I was so scared that I would not be able to see a picture, but as I closed my eyes, I almost saw the brown color of my closed eyes make the lining of a butterfly and then the butterfly lining changed into a shape of sun glasses. I suspect that the Lord was highlighting to me ‘a butterfly and sunglasses…maybe sunglasses in the shape of a butterfly??’

So with 3 words of knowledge by faith we took charge to the mall!!

The Lord was more than faithful and with the 3 words of knowledge, the 3 of us prayed for and had divine appointments with 8 people! Praise God!! None of the people rejected or were negative about it, and as a contrary, people were very appreciative!!

Here are more details on the testimonies:

I was also looking for a few last minute gifts for an adult and a child before I head back to USA, so they were helping me shop for gifts while we were on our faith adventure!!

The Lord just highlighted a women at the chemist to Mum, and she was actually accompanied by another friend. Both of them were so open for prayer that we prayed for them, tears were streaming down their eyes because of gratitude! One of the ladies is very socially isolated, and interested in joining my Mums online Spirit Lifestyle class!

At one gift shop we encounter a young mom with ‘leaf-motive’ pants on, and discern that this might be the lady through the vision of leaves. She was taken back by our explanation of how we came to meet her, and she was so blessed by us praying for her and her family!

We were still busy praying, when my Mum noticed a lady with red shoes walking out of the shop, she asked the Lord to bring this lady over our path again if she is the person highlighted by the Lord. And sure enough, this lady turned around and came back to the shop. We shared how the Lord highlighted her, and asked for prayer, it turn out the lady had swollen, painful legs. She was an Indian lady visiting for the day from a different town, but was keen to receive some prayers in Jesus Name. Her pain went down from a 5 /10 to a 2/10 and less, before she had to leave! She was so grateful, as she reported that medics couldn’t explain any cause from x-rays and many doctors appointments!! Thank you Jesus!

We also prayed for a lady who we noticed was walking with a limb due to hip pain, her pain went down from 10 to a 2, and we prayed again, and then she had to leave, but we thank God for loving her so much!

As we were looking for gifts, Doreen pointed out kids sunglasses with a background of butterflies. God indeed came through!! It turned out to be a special gift for the girl I need to buy a gift for! We shared with the store attendants. We also shared the healing testimonies from praying for the other ladies in the mall. As we asked the store attendants if they need prayer, we prayed for one who had a back pain of 10, and her pain went down to a 0, praise God! The other lady asked for prayer for a child, but wasn’t married, she allowed us to pray for God to show her His good plan, a God fearing husband, to create a safe environment for her to raise children! How great and good is our God! (see the picture with the two ladies God had an appointment with in the store along with the treasure of sunglasses in a butterfly background!!).

As we sat down at a coffee shop for lunch, an estranged family member who lives in town came to have a coffee in the same shop! We invited her to join our party, and shared our testimonies! We shared how God had an appointment with her, and she confirmed it! Although she attends the mall regularly, she told herself that she will stay at home today as she had to do packing for a visit to her grandkids, but this morning she just felt she had to get up and go to fix her wheel alignment, and she was just waiting in the coffee shop while they fixed her car! She had pain when walking which was also a 10, and allowed us to pray for her, and tears were streaming down her eyes. She told us that her feet are better, we trust that God is also healing her heart and restoring our family!!

(Originally posted on our Spirit Lifestyle Community Page)

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