Faith Activation In The Mall

Lorinda, South Africa Today me and my Mum (Doreen) had a ‘date’ in the Middelburg mall, here in South Africa where I am

Faith Activation In The Mall2022-08-17T06:53:58+00:00

My Grandson Did Not Die!

Beverly, South Africa I am filled with praises, singing GLORY HALELUJAH to our Jehovah Rapha, Jehovah Gibbor, Jehovah

My Grandson Did Not Die!2022-03-15T15:13:25+00:00

Freedom For The Nurse

Judene, South Africa (Coach) On Tuesday 22 February 2022 we went to visit someone in hospital. As we walked passed the entrance my

Freedom For The Nurse2022-03-07T08:19:31+00:00

Supernatural Energy

Lorinda & Doreen, South Africa/New Jersey USA (Spirit Lifestyle Coaches) During our class we prayed for a lady who is waiting for her

Supernatural Energy2021-11-11T11:11:49+00:00

God Supplies All Our Needs

Judene, South Africa (Coach) Yesterday was my mother's birthday, she is always so helpful to my family and me, so I wanted to

God Supplies All Our Needs2021-10-19T08:25:20+00:00

Son Prayed For Father

Judene, South Africa The class was attended by my husband and 7 year old son. After the class my husband complained of pain

Son Prayed For Father2021-07-02T07:08:33+00:00

Don’t Stop Believing

Judene, South Africa (Coach) This Saturday I saw a friend who I haven't spoken with for almost three months. Last time we spoke

Don’t Stop Believing2021-07-02T07:07:18+00:00
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