God Loves You

IT WAS A BUSY DAY IN THE CAFÉ and I was racing round, seating people, serving food and clearing tables as usual. I seated a young couple and as I was taking their food order, the guy said he’d like to try a prophecy too, and the young woman said she needed freedom from negative thoughts.

So while I was taking the order to our chef, I asked the Holy Spirit what He wanted to say. I went back to their table and, in trepidation (as usual), I began to prophesy. I sensed that the guy felt he was a mistake and had never felt like he was wanted, so I told him how God loves him, that he isn’t a mistake but he was planned and chosen by God and that God has a good plan for his life.

He was wiping tears from his eyes as the revelation of God’s love hit him and we could see some kind of transformation happening as he sat there taking it all in. With his mouth slightly open – a bit bemused – a smile spreading across his face, he kept shaking his head, completely undone.

The young lady wanted freedom from negative thoughts, so I explained to her about evil spirits, and she said she wanted to give her life to Jesus and get rid of the evil spirits. She was halfway through getting rid of demons when their food arrived, so I said I’d leave them to eat and be back later to finish her off! It was quite comical, but they enjoyed their meals as we continued waiting tables and ministering to other customers. Then I went back and they asked Jesus into their lives and, full of joy, she got rid of more demons.

The amazing stories I post on here are just a few of the myriad of encounters that happen every day in our Miracle Café in Bangor, North Wales. Just like any other missionary work, it’s hard, we get tired, and we have all sorts of challenges to overcome. But we love it, and we really are making a difference in this community, half of which are students.

Our vision is to partner with people across the UK and around the world who have the faith to open a Miracle Café in their town. Together with our input, our training and the experience we’ve gained over the years, we’ll be travelling to work alongside those with the faith and determination to make this vision a reality in their community.

Aliss Cresswell

We already have some Miracle Cafés in the pipeline, and I believe that there are many people around the world whom God is speaking to along similar lines. We want to connect with you if you sense the Holy Spirit nudging you: perhaps you are able to sow financially or provide use of a building, we are also looking for visionaries, entrepreneurs, managers, chefs, front of house staff, trainees, ministry school graduates, Coaches to run our Classes and more – click the button below for details or to send us a message.

And if you’re unable to get involved directly with a Miracle Café, every time you think of us, please do pray and also tell your friends that God is on the move and encourage one another to step out in faith in whatever the Holy Spirit has put on your heart. The spiritually hungry need what you have!