From Gongs To God!

A WOMAN AND HER MOTHER came into our Miracle Café in Bangor. The younger lady told me that some years ago she used to come to the café that was here before us. She particularly liked the GONG evenings. I had to ask her twice what she’d said as I’d never heard of that before! I think they would use a gong for Eastern meditation and healing.

Anyway, I showed her our spiritual menu which she loved and I explained how it was very different from what she’d experienced before. She chose to have a prophetic word from God.

I shared with her what I felt the Holy Spirit showing me: that she’d been searching for true meaning and purpose all her life and today she’d found what she’s been looking for, or should I say WHO – she didn’t know it was a person, but it’s Jesus! She started crying, then her mother began to cry, and then I joined in!

Her mother had to get her tissues out of her bag and passed us one each. The lady then said she wanted to give her life to Jesus but at that moment their food arrived, so I said I’d come back after they’d eaten.

However, we were so busy with customers, the next thing they were getting up to leave. But thankfully they waited for me to finish serving a table and then the lady came over and said, “Please can I give my life to Jesus now? How do I do that?” So I explained what it meant and we all stood by the bar, with other customers watching, as she prayed out loud and committed her life to Jesus. Amazing.

She took one of my ‘Your Spirit Life’ booklets so she could understand fully what Jesus has done for her and what it means to follow Him and said she’d love to come to the weekly Spirit Lifestyle Classes we run in the café. Her mother said she wasn’t ready yet, but she’s local and will come back another time for a prophetic word from God. I think she was pretty shocked by it all. They just thought they were coming in for lunch and got a lot more than they bargained for!

If you’d like to get involved in our Miracle Cafes in any way, we’d love to hear from you. You can donate, partner with us to open one near you, join our team or commit to pray for us. And if you’re local, why not pop in and encounter Jesus for yourself

Aliss Cresswell