‘Pregnant – Hungry’

Hollie, Florida USA

Rivers of living water flowing forth from our bellies!

Today is my last Sunday in Florida prior to moving to another state. My daughter and I agreed that we would like to relax at the Gulf Coast for the morning even though we are typically in church. So we headed out.

We pulled off the highway to purchase some water bottles for our cooler. However, the gas station that we anticipated was not there and we ended up pulling into a fast food chain instead to make a U-turn. There was a woman holding a sign at the entrance. We parked the car and my daughter ran over to meet her. Her sign read, “Pregnant, hungry.”

We invited her inside to eat, listened to her story and about her recent week long journey across several state lines to get to that current location. She was running away from an abusive situation and trying to get to her ill mother. As we sat and ate breakfast with her, we began to prophesy her value, worth to the Father and how much He loves her. Holy Spirit had us share & prophesy more with her including a word of knowledge for her traveling companion that we did not meet. Holy Spirit showed me that her friend had an open wound on the lower right side of his back and that the Lord was healing it at that moment. So, I shared that with her. She asked us to pray with her before we had the opportunity to offer. I asked if she knew Jesus and she said yes, that she had accepted Him as her Lord/Saviour and had been baptized in 2018. She said that God sent us to her. We prayed with her and the tangible presence of the Lord engulfed us in the restaurant. Peace flooded her face while other people went about their business.

She agreed to call us once her Mother made it there to pick her up, otherwise we would get her to her destination.

We didn’t make it to the beach as it began to storm but she called us to let us know that indeed her Mother did pick her up, was willing to help her and that her friend was freaking out because the wound on his back was gone. She shared all of this on the phone with my daughter and ended by saying, “This is the Gospel.”

I have to admit, that my flesh didn’t want to stop this morning but thank God for my daughter obeying the Holy Spirit and always being moved with compassion.

(Originally posted on our Spirit Lifestyle Community Page)