Supernatural Discernment Of Illnesses

RW, New Zealand

We have been doing Church services in a remand prison in Auckland once a month for over 10 years. I read Aliss’ first book ‘A Diary Of Miracles‘ and it inspired me tremendously! It made me feel hungry to experience the same! This led me to responded to a call for an impartation of healing by Holy Spirit when I attended a conference with a visiting minister.

From that time on I could feel peoples pain and when I offered to pray for them they were instantly healed not only in prison but also in other situations like at church and in the High School where I work. The Lord has healed many frozen shoulders, back pain, damage to hands caused by fighting, an infected police dog bite that wouldn’t heal, a broken elbow, a broken arm, migraines and toothache. It lead to many accepting the Lord Jesus, Such a joy to be a part of God’s work.

I love to see what God our Father will do in the lives of those around me and I’m desperate to see more!