Inspired To Have A Go

Judi, Washington, USA (Coach)

I am super excited to share that one of my members has never before laid hands on someone and prayed healing for them but she shared in our class that after binge watching A LOT of videos on the Spirit Lifestyle portal she was inspired to pray for a friend of hers and when she did the friend experienced warmth in their body. She then told the evil spirit to go and noted that all the dogs started barking, and then the pain was all gone!

She also shared that her arm was shaking and that it was a really interesting experience for her and her friend. She then shared the gospel with her friend and asked her if she wanted to receive Jesus as her Lord and Savior, and the friend said that yes she did! My member then prayed with her friend and directed her to the Spirit Lifestyle portal to learn more.

She said, “Aliss told us to jump in and practice and that is what I did!”.