From Witchcraft To Jesus

Aliss Cresswell

THIS LOVELY LADY HAS AN INCREDIBLE STORY and I caught up with her recently in our Miracle Café. After getting involved in black witchcraft and satanism, she had an encounter with Jesus that transformed her life. In my book, ‘Unexpected Miracles’, she shares some of her story:
“I ended up making a pact with the devil and as I did this, demons entered and began tormenting me. I was enticed into buying more and more books to study, but ironically, the more power I searched for, the less I was in control and the more the demons had power over me. I would hear voices in my head telling me what to do and I knew I was coming under a dark influence, but I didn’t know how to stop. As I continued in the occult, demons would speak loudly in my head and order me to do things. I was under the influence and control of demons and I needed a way out.” She began to cry out to God to help her and one day, she heard the voice of Jesus: “His voice was different to the demonic voices I had been hearing. He was full of love and I felt peace and clarity when He spoke. He told me to search on my ipad… and then I saw the programme with Aliss… She was talking about Jesus and her relationship with the Holy Spirit and she seemed to move in power unlike anything I’d come across before. But it was a pure power, full of God’s love. She seemed happy and I knew I needed a relationship with God like she had. I bought all her books. I read them and kept reading all of them, I couldn’t get enough. That was when I started really connecting to Jesus.”
In my book ‘Unexpected Miracles’ you can read how she had a vision of Jesus on Good Friday and then on Easter day gave her life to Jesus, burned all her occult books and later got baptised in the sea in North Wales!
She continues: “Soon after, I attended a conference with Rob & Aliss. No-one knew me, but as Aliss stood at the front of the meeting, I felt Jesus come up to me in a huge bright white light. Looking straight at me, Aliss called out, “There’s somebody here who’s just given their life to Jesus and has been reading my books.” I was absolutely gobsmacked when she said that, but I went up onto the stage and shared some of my story with her in front of hundreds of people in the audience. Aliss then asked if I would like to be immersed in the Holy Spirit and I readily agreed, so everyone there stretched out their hands and began to pray over me as I went back to my seat. I was aware of an incredible figure in front of me. It was Jesus and He was wearing robes that were so white and emanated a brilliant white light. He began to pull things out of the top of my head. I could feel demons being pulled out. I’d been in a lot of pain with my back and shoulders and throughout my body and then I realised I was totally and utterly pain free and I just felt amazing. After that, I felt the presence of Jesus so strong like He was standing right next to me and I could feel His robe brushing against me. Following my encounter with Jesus, not only was I pain free, but I also no longer needed the antidepressant medication I had been taking. Up until the conference I practiced and taught Reiki, but I found that after, I could no longer do Reiki. I gave up teaching it immediately; the Lord had totally removed it from me, and instead I was releasing the healing power of Jesus.
A few years ago, I changed my name to a demonic name, to try and get more power. But when I gave my life to Jesus, I knew I needed to get rid of that name, so I changed it back to the name I was given as a baby. It wasn’t easy to change as all my friends were using my demonic name but doing that brought freedom too. I know that the power of Jesus works. I can see it works. It has worked in my life. I know God is real. Jesus is the highest power, far greater than any demonic power. Jesus is Lord.”
What a wonderful testimony to the love and power of Jesus. And what God did for this lovely lady, He can also do for you and your family too, so don’t give up hope, but just like she did, cry out to God to help you or help your loved one, and see what He will do. Jesus loves witches and satanists – He died for us all and His blood can set every single person free, no matter what they’ve done or been involved in.

You can read her full story and many others too in my book ‘Unexpected Miracles’.