God Is Moving Amongst Us!

Jo, UK

I am really loving running my Spirit Lifestyle class on a Wednesday evening in my home. We were all saying last week how each video and activation is releasing new gifts and boldness in us. 🙏💗

Last week two ladies volunteered to have prayer for deliverance from demons, we were so grateful how the Holy Spirit led us through this. Two ladies praying operated in a gift they have never used before with words of knowledge. The ladies praying spoke out the pain that they were feeling on there own bodies. One lady praying said she suddenly had tightness in her neck, struggling to breath. The Holy Spirit revealed it was a spirit of anxiety on the lady we were praying for.  She said ‘Yes! I wake up with this pain in the night and suffer with anxiety’. We commanded that demon to leave and go back to the foot of the cross where it belongs! Another lady had a vision of this demon leaving.

Another lady we prayed for came in so heavy that night, as she had a bad week. As she stood in the middle for prayer, we had words of knowledge from God wanting to deliver her from the spirit of rejection and grief. She left a different person!

This is so exciting as God is using each one of us, and as we step out in our activations, God is moving amongst us. I have longed for this for so long , and having the freedom to move and use the gifts of the Spirit is awesome!!!