This Ministry Has Changed My Life!

Ellen, Florida, USA (Spirit Lifestyle Coach)

A year ago, before Spirit Lifestyle, I wouldn’t have known what to do how to minister to this lady.

She gave her heart to Jesus today for the first time at church. The pastor called alter workers forward and so I went. These were her words:

“I’ve been so lost and tormented by the devil, I’ve felt like I was damned to hell for so long because my mother has told me when she was giving birth to me that there was a evil spirit and I have felt that I was evil because of what she has told me”.

Because of Rob & Aliss’ videos and training through my online class with coach Elisha I was able to walk her through receiving Christ and then the five R’s of deliverance that I have learnt. Then she was baptised!

She was absolutely beaming with the love of Christ. I gave her my number and she writes.

“I haven’t experienced this joy an love in my life for so long I truly have felt a weight lifted from me today”

Right before this happened the Lord reminded me of how I felt the day I was baptised at 19. I felt like I was walking in the clouds. I’m so excited to get to be part of this experience. Because of my recent healing I just started back to church after almost a year away. I realized what a difference this ministry has made in my life. Thank YOU ❤ so much!