Word Of Knowledge In Publix

Hollie, Florida USA

God is so good. A recent shopping testimony. I was self-checking some paper supplies out of the Publix Food Market in Tampa. I was in a bit of a rush but was hit suddenly with a severe migraine headache. I have been delivered from them so if I ever have that feeling, I know that it is a word of knowledge for someone near me. I looked at the attendant near by and asked her if she had a migraine.

She said, “yes, I do”. I told her that I follow Jesus and asked if I could pray. She said, “I love Jesus too, please do.” I simply said, thank you Jesus for releasing your healing in my sister. The oppressive spirit that is causing this migraine and pain, has to leave now and may not return.”

Her eyes lit up and she quietly said, “Thank you Jesus and thank you for praying for me.” I asked if the pain was gone. It was, completely. I reckon that this took about 20 seconds as I didn’t want her to get in trouble for any hold up. Praise God!

(Originally posted on our Spirit Lifestyle Community Page)