Ministering At Lunch

Eva, Texas USA

I just am so blown away by the Holy Spirit. Every day is a new adventure, and a learning curve! It’s like, hold on tight, here we go! And there never is a dull moment when our ears and eyes are truly locked onto Him!

We watch the videos, and my life has been transformed by the teachings from Aliss and Rob! If it wasn’t for them, I would not understand the practical steps of faith to step out of my comfort zone!!! To know how to give a place for the Holy Spirit to work through us. So often we sit back and think wow, how do they do that? But the Lord uses anyone who is willing, focused on Him and having the faith to step out. Take a chance! Like Aliss says, Give it a go!!!

Today I went to lunch with Shelly and Morgan… We ministered to the waitress… that she was downtrodden, heavy laden and needing prayer. The Lord revealed to me she no longer had her husband. (It was a little scary to step out on faith on that one, because she was wearing her wedding ring!!) She confirmed that he passed a couple years ago from cancer, and she received a word of knowledge concerning her kids and was prayed for. I could see the Lord’s love transforming her stressed demeanour and she seemed a little lighter than before.

Then the host/waiter up at the front, we ministered to as Shelly asked him if he needed prayer, and he mentioned he was concerned/stressed about track and college… A few minutes earlier, I heard the Lord reveal his mom lived in another state! The Lord told me, “His mom doesn’t live here (Texas). He needs to call his Mom; she is worried about him and misses him. She is his biggest cheerleader.” As I ministered to him, I said, “Where is your Momma?” LOL
He told us his mom lives in New York, and he just received acceptance to attend University in Oregon on the track team, and was stressed about it…lots of pressure. I told him the Lord said that his mom didn’t live here…for him to call his Mom… That she needed to hear from him and that she is his biggest cheerleader. He also revealed he was beginning to study his “grandmother’s religion” which she is Jewish. I said, “you know what? I have a message just for you from Jesus, He is Jewish – Jehovah Rapha! The Jewish Messiah! Son of Father God, the Father of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob! And He loves you so much, that He gave me a message for you. Isn’t that amazing?” He didn’t have long to talk at work, but I could tell it helped to shift the stress from his day. And we planted a seed.

All of that, just during a lunch. Just because we allowed the Lord our focus, to use us. Even in a busy restaurant.

Lord, please teach us to be about our Father’s business, even as we do the things we do during our day! Eternity is calling! And we have so much work to do. But it truly is so exciting to see the Lord in action!!!

(Originally posted on our Spirit Lifestyle Community Page)