An Amazing Resource!

MN, Ireland

I joined an online Spirit Lifestyle class as I wanted to be part of a group of believers who are seeking after God and contending to see miracles, and gifts of the Holy Spirit operating in our lives.

My coach, Marion, and the class prayed for me about a month ago for lingering symptoms of pain in my ear that I had off and on for quite a while. I really felt so encouraged and blessed by the prayers, and felt presence of Holy Spirit. Symptoms gradually got less and less, and in these past few days I just noticed they are not there any more!

We have had many encouraging prophetic words for each other, which were very accurate, in my case one of the class gave me the prophetic word “The Best is yet to come”, not knowing that the Lord has been speaking this to me in all kinds of ways through many different people over a number of years, and I had some cards and pictures and hearts and things to show with this message written on it, so that was fun! There have been lots of testimonies shared from people in the group about miracles the Lord has done in their lives.

Marion has been a really inspirational coach. She has such a beautiful relationship with the Lord and is flowing in the power of the Holy Spirit. I can see she has an anointing for leadership on her life, and she has a sweet and gentle Spirit also, and the class under her Leadership has been a safe haven to share spiritual experiences, and to grow in the gifts of the Spirit. She has always encouraged us to share, and makes sure everyone feels included. She is really good at keeping order in the class also. I felt blessed to be part of this class led by Marion.

From the moment I joined, it just felt like family, and I can sense the presence of the Holy Spirit so strongly during our time together as a group. I know I have grown spiritually under her leadership as a coach and mentor, she has imparted so much Godly wisdom to us, and encouraged us to step out and share words and prophecies, and we have had many discussions on the Spirit Lifestyle videos which are faith building for me. I would give Marion a 10 out of 10 for her coaching if I was asked to give a score on it!

I love how each member has their own special and unique gifting and experience, yet we are all one in the Spirit, and I have learned much from every individual in the class.

The video page on the Spirit Lifestyle portal is an amazing resource, it’s so great to be able to access all the videos and watch them over again. They are all so very powerful and cover so many important topics, a treasure trove really!

I also love the community page, there are so many encouraging words and testimonies on the page, it’s so nice to be able to interact with brothers and sisters in Christ and read about many of the miracles and great things that are happening in the Spirit Lifestyle Community. It’s a good news page, and we so need that. I have been really blessed by what the Lord is doing through Spirit Lifestyle and the Holy Spirit inspired mentoring of Rob and Aliss Cresswell. It’s a challenge to “Wake O Sleeper, Rise from the Dead” and begin to live the Normal Supernatural Christian Life!

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