LOOK WHO WE BUMPED INTO TODAY! Kieran was the first person to be healed when we opened our first café back in 2009 in Blacon, Chester after I’d been praying for miracles for 12 years and had hardly seen any. You might remember him from my book, ‘A Diary of Miracles Part I’ – his alias was Michael. So happy to see him. His healing was such a turning point for me, and, as he was telling me today, for him too. We spent about an hour reminiscing; how the first time we met, he gave us a false name. He was a teenager at the time and the police had warned us about him.

But I’d got a word of knowledge when he first came into the café, about something bad that had happened to him the previous day. Me knowing that had freaked him out – we found out today what had happened and how he’d lost someone close to him.

Then we chatted about how he’d fallen off a roof and broken his ankle and was in pain. And how we’d prayed and it had instantly been healed. That was the first of thousands of miracles that we’ve witnessed since.

We were laughing at how he’d come to our School of the Spirit meetings back in the day, with crowds of friends, and how one time he picked up a sword he’d found and was swinging it over people’s heads as Rob was leading worship, and Colin our guitarist had to wrestle him to the ground before he’d done any irreparable damage! And how Kieran had then asked us to get rid of ADHD that caused him to do it – demons left him and since then he said he’s been full of peace. His friends had then crowded around me and pinned me against the wall which was a bit scary at the time, but they wanted me to prophesy to them, then all got on their knees and asked Jesus into their lives!

Then I reminded him of the time me and my friends had dressed up as nuns at Halloween to knock on doors and offer ‘healing or blessing’ and we’d bumped into him. He’d been healed of another injury, then called over his friend who had a big painful lump on his knee. I’d suggested Kieran pray and as soon as he did it disappeared and his friend asked Jesus into his life.

He then went on to share how his life has changed dramatically since he first came into the café and encountered Jesus. At the time he’d dropped out of school and was in trouble with the police – actually he was the only person in the whole neighbourhood of 18,000 people that the police warned us about when we opened our café! And he was the first person who’d been healed, and soon afterwards gave his life to Jesus.

Today he told us how his life has been transformed since then. I was blinking back the tears as he described how God has guided him, how he’s persevered but been so blessed in many ways. How a random man spoke to him on a train about Jesus and prayed for him to pass his college exams.

Now, almost 30, he’s got his own business as a roofer. (Rob pointed out how when we first met, he’d fallen off a ROOF and Jesus had healed his ankle. Isn’t that funny that he’s now a roofer!?) He employs staff, and his business is thriving. I told him how proud we are of him and so is Father God.

I’m so blown away by God’s goodness and His kindness – how wonderful it was today to bump into Kieran – in a café of all places – and hear his story after all these years.

I want to encourage you: Even though you may have given out and served for years, without much thanks and perhaps not seen much fruit – but whether you see it in this life or the next, God rewards obedience, you are making an impact and you will be rewarded. Keep going, keep following the promptings of Holy Spirit, no matter what anyone says or how it looks in the natural. Heaven is cheering you on and what you are doing is having an eternal consequence.

If you’d like to read more about Kieran’s escapades, plus other amazing miracles and supernatural adventures in our café, you can find A DIARY OF MIRACLES and my other books and videos at www.SpiritLifestyle.com plus a community of people who will be cheering you on as you continue your faith journey!

Aliss Cresswell