Divine Favor

BA, Ethiopia (Coach)

I want to glorify God for the divine favor on my life. In June this year I went on a 21 day fast and during the fast the Lord revealed the words to me “Marriages made in Heaven”. I immediately knew that he wanted me to work with relationships, so I enrolled on a marriage coaching programme. Then I started feeling as if the LORD wanted me to work with singles. So, I got myself a book which is written by a Christian author about the challenges singles go through.

In September I met a person of authority in my nation who said to me that she wanted me to host a singles event. I was actually really surprised and I saw this as a confirmation. However, this was challenging to me as I have never ever been one to enjoy speaking in public! By the month of November I was quite feeling stressed because the event was being widely advertised.

On the day I checked into the hotel I took a 3 day Esther Fast (to help receive clarity from the Lord).  I was praying to the Lord to provide me with favor just like he did for Queen Esther. Low and behold on the morning of the event, I heard the words “Announce a new season”. I did. And then the Lord gave me the word Isaiah 61. I started meditating on it. The event was taking place the next day, I could not sleep the night. Fear gripped me, but I had so much trust and faith in God.

To cut the long testimony short. I went to the event and the Lord ministered to me to relate “Healing of soul wounds” as part of thriving while waiting for a partner. It was well received and many people felt the healing anointing fall on them. We did some prayer activations and the Lord moved powerfully. I am now mentoring and supporting people on a healing journey! To God be the glory for bringing healing to his children. Out there many are wounded but they can not find help. I give thanks to God as this now has opened doors for the people to receive healing.

I realised that when you put God at the centre of everything, He takes over and all the glory goes to him in Jesus name. Not only did people go through healing, I too am also receiving divine healing .

Originally posted on our Spirit Lifestyle Members Community Page