Skin Condition Healed!

Sally, UK I just want to share a couple of testimonies from watching the UK Celebration Livestream. There was a point in the

Skin Condition Healed!2021-10-01T09:10:35+00:00

Set Free From Autism

Latimee, UK I am the mummy who testified about her son being set free from the spirit of autism, God is wonderful!! He

Set Free From Autism2021-10-01T08:34:41+00:00

One Of The Family

Heather, UK I attended the UK Celebration event and felt so welcomed like I was one of the family. I always find it difficult

One Of The Family2021-10-01T09:30:47+00:00

Abundant Blessings

Aivars, Latvia I am a Spirit Lifestyle member and joined the UK Celebration via Livestream and I was very impressed with the conference. I

Abundant Blessings2021-10-01T09:33:13+00:00

Peace At Last

Geoff, UK I attended the Spirit Lifestyle Celebration event Miracle Night - my mind had been in turmoil and I hadn't been sleeping

Peace At Last2021-09-29T10:26:33+00:00

Beyond My Wildest Imagination

Bethy, Ethiopia Wow what a wonderful event it was at the UK Celebration! I am still lost for the right words to express

Beyond My Wildest Imagination2021-09-29T10:10:24+00:00

Food For My Soul

AH, Denmark Praise the Lord. Thanks to everyone who helped create this amazing Celebration event! I have never in such a short time

Food For My Soul2021-09-29T09:01:21+00:00

What A Transformation

Brenda, France I joined your UK Celebration live stream last night by accident... It just popped up on my phone! I had been

What A Transformation2021-09-29T08:40:21+00:00
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