Beyond My Wildest Imagination

Bethy, Ethiopia

Wow what a wonderful event it was at the UK Celebration! I am still lost for the right words to express my feelings. May God bless Spirit Lifestyle . Thank you Spirit Lifestyle as I feel my life will never be the same again! It was so nice to meet the other members and team in person and the powerful prophetic words were so full of life and energy. I felt so blessed to receive more than what I expected. There was divine favour for me and everyone who attended the conference. There was so much love! I felt so encouraged. I feel am going through restoration. The joy of salvation has been restored in my life! It was so nice to meet Claire (gentle soul) Aliss and Rob Cresswell, the Spirit Lifestyle Team, Coaches and the attendees. I feel that over the coming weeks I will continue sharing testimonies of what the LORD is doing in my life. I am actually still lost for the right words because it was beyond my wildest imaginations. The spirit of excellence operated throughout the event . Thanks so much to everyone who God used to touch my life.

I had so many words of knowledge and prophetic words spoken over my life, the presence of the LORD truly manifested. Thank you so much. I am actually not able to really express the experience. Words can not explain the way I feel. I was so touched by the kindness and love shown to me and everyone at the event. Wow may God lift the ministry of James and Rebecca Aladiran (Prayer Storm).

Thanks and lots of love to everyone at the event. Thank you so much Claire for the love and patience you have always shown me and newcomers on this site who are trying to find our feet. May the LORD reward you abundantly!