Skin Condition Healed!

Sally, UK

I just want to share a couple of testimonies from watching the UK Celebration Livestream. There was a point in the last session when Aliss was speaking and she commanded oppression to come off people’s hearts. I think it was to do with the veil that she discerned in the Spirit, like a dark veil. As she prayed I felt that her command was powerful, and that God had done something for me.

Normally (for quite a while now, months and months) I have been waking up each morning feeling fear and illness in my heart, it’s hard to describe…but a very unpleasant feeling. Now the next morning (after watching the livestream) I woke up and it was gone!! There wasn’t that feeling and hasn’t been there since! Which has been lovely, wonderful!

Aliss also mentioned in one of the sessions that she had a word of knowledge for someone, before she shared it I knew it was going to be for me. She said it was about someone having lines and bruises coming up on their skin. This was for me! I had that on my legs! I had found a few small slight bruises/lines on my legs and I had been experiencing nettle type rashes coming on my body which the doctor said is an allergic reaction to something.

She also mentioned that it looked a bit like bite marks and it was demonic. I remember that when I looked at my legs that was my initial thought too. But with the other skin condition I’ve been facing it kind of got lost in the equation, and I didn’t pray about it. I just thought I can’t go there right now. So it was great that God gave Aliss that word of knowledge, it was so specific as well showing me Gods tender heart and attention to detail. Those symptoms that Aliss mentioned are now GONE Praise God!!!

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