Set Free From Autism

Latimee, UK

I am the mummy who testified about her son being set free from the spirit of autism, God is wonderful!! He has set my son free from every demonic attack that used to come to him in the night to stop him sleeping. God is so great, my son (who is non verbal) said “A BABY” and “MAMA” and “DADA”! Everything has changed.

Even my marital life – me and my husband used to be bitter toward each other. Aliss prayed for me to carry the love of the Father and I was transformed completely, everyone can see the change in me! All I can say is that I am in love with my husband, he’s is enjoying being pampered right now haha! Hansley (my son) is the most well behaved child in my house! My face is shining – when I went back to work the following day after the Celebration event, everybody was attracted to me. They say I am glowing, I am happy. I thank my Lord for his faithfulness, I told Him that me and my son we are coming to meet Him face to face and we did, Hallelujah.

I have to also testify that I was diabetic, but I have not taken my medication for 2 days. Yesterday and this morning I checked my sugar level and it’s as low as 6, whereas it had never gone down to 6 or even 7 from the usual 10 to 12. Praise the Lord, miracles are happening every day in my life, wow!

(Another update..)

Today I woke up early and I put on some worship music and prayed in tongues. I got up and went to work, and on my way to work I was speaking to Jesus, I asked him ‘What does he want me to do today? Who does he want me to pray for today?’

I got to work and I met a lady (who normally doesn’t work in my department) that was working with me that day. We got talking and I mentioned the Spirit Lifestyle Celebration event in Manchester and I felt a strong urge to pray for her.

She said she suffered from pain in her right leg that went from her knees all the way up to her thigh. I touched her leg and prayed. She started to smile and said to me that the pain has reduced, but not completely. I then received a word from the Lord that she has to forgive, and the moment I said that, tears came to her eyes! So we did a repentance prayer and we asked the Lord to fill her heart with His love and help her forgive. This morning I met her and she told me she slept like a baby with no pain, God is good!!

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