One Of The Family

Heather, UK

I attended the UK Celebration event and felt so welcomed like I was one of the family. I always find it difficult to attend something like this alone but it was so wonderful to meet face to face & spend time with some of those I knew from the online site, or from our zoom classes. The teaching was inspirational and gave me revelation on things I had not encountered before. I got far more from this than I could have imagined.

The opportunity to be baptised was such a blessing as I had contemplated this seriously for at least a year but couldn’t see a way of being able to do this. The activations were great too! The worship was amazing. Three nights after the event, I had a dream that gave me the sense that something that had been oppressive, had been thrown off me. When I awoke I somehow felt released, refreshed and like I had a new level of strength & boldness to stand for who I was meant to be!