Freedom For The Nurse

Judene, South Africa (Coach)

On Tuesday 22 February 2022 we went to visit someone in hospital. As we walked passed the entrance my 8 year old saw a lady that has the exact same, blue sport watch on her arm as he had on. Being in a hurry I didn’t look back to see who the lady was, but just told him wow that’s nice!

As we were having a conversation in the room, the assistant nurse came in and began talking to us. She mentioned that she is living in the same town as we do. She joyfully spoke of how she gave birth to her son, who is now a policeman. I later on recognized the watch on her arm and realized that this is the lady that our son spoke about. I began having this impression that my husband and I should do a prayer for her son and asked if she would like that for her family, as that is what I felt God wants us to do.

She immediately kneeled down next to me and I could see tears in her eyes. She began telling us of our the enemy has been attacking them as a family lately. Their money would be used up without them having anything to prove what they did with it and conflicts was all around them. She also mentioned of how years ago, someone who was into the occult, used to show her pictures each morning in class that had graves and black images on. Also how she had an anger towards God, after her father passed away in 2015, it made her to begin to question God. She noticed how a voice sometimes speaks through her as well!

The Lord cleared the room at that point, no one entered as we began praying. I started out praising God and lifting the name of Jesus and my husband stood in agreement. We shortly told the lady that she can repent and renounce every agreement with the devil and that Jesus has given us authority to command all demons to leave. She was so astonished of all that we told her, the fact that it is not something difficult at all. Holy Spirit really took over!

I stood with my eyes open as we lead her to repent and renounce all evil and we took authority over every evil spirit and commanded it to leave this lady and all that belongs to her. I noticed how the power of Jesus came upon her, as she couldn’t stand on her feet and nearly fell. We didn’t touch her or anything during prayer. At that time I felt the power of Jesus like a true shield all around the sides of my body from my head to my feet! I will treasure this forever! We ended our prayer by speaking life and restoration and praising God for the deliverance in her life!

After prayer she asked us “are they gone now?” We told her that we believe all evil are gone and she should do the same and to reject anything wanting to return in Jesus name.

I’m trusting God for more boldness and courage to see people set free like this in Jesus name through His power.

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