Supernatural Energy

Lorinda & Doreen, South Africa/New Jersey USA (Spirit Lifestyle Coaches)

During our class we prayed for a lady who is waiting for her manifestation of healing from Parkinson’s. She reported that she felt very weak and discouraged before the class session, and after we prayed she was standing up dancing and worshipping God!! Hallelujah! And she experienced supernatural energy!

She also gave feedback that she was plagued by panic attacks, but recently she no longer experienced that and witnessed how the love of God had washed away all fear! She had lots of involuntary movements of her neck in the past, and a few weeks ago we prayed for her during a 1:1 session in-between classes, and there was a visible reduction in her neck tremors noticed when we next met.

We prophesied healing and for her to fulfill her God given assignment unlimited in future and know she is destined for greatness! We stand with anyone reading this who has the same symptoms that leave now in Jesus name!