Don’t Stop Believing

Judene, South Africa (Coach)

This Saturday I saw a friend who I haven’t spoken with for almost three months. Last time we spoke she told me about her mother being sick. She had swollen legs, couldn’t walk and pain all over her body. The Doctor also said she had a heart attack and stroke without knowing it! Her Mother gave her life to Jesus in 2020, but was now attacked with many infirmities. I explained to her that it could be an evil spirit. I prayed with her regularly and sent voicenotes of prayers for the first time as well.

While speaking on Saturday, the Holy Spirit reminded me of her Mother and that I should ask how she is doing. My friend was so excited and literally jumped as she told me her mother is back to normal! She told me that you would not believe that her mother had been through all this, just three months ago. I could feel the joy and excitement and her thankfulness to the Lord.

I want to encourage you, keep praying and believing. Also, if you have prayed with someone, keep believing with them. I personally have only seen a few instant healings and breakthroughs when praying with people, but all the others (that were not instant) Jesus surely did come through, in His time! Be blessed 💖

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