Set Free From Autism

Latimee, UK I am the mummy who testified about her son being set free from the spirit of autism, God is wonderful!! He

Set Free From Autism2021-10-01T08:34:41+00:00

Abundant Blessings

Aivars, Latvia I am a Spirit Lifestyle member and joined the UK Celebration via Livestream and I was very impressed with the conference. I

Abundant Blessings2021-10-01T09:33:13+00:00

Reconciled With My Daughter

Eileen, Australia When I was watching the live video on Facebook, Aliss's voice started singing and chiming like bells and was musical. At

Reconciled With My Daughter2021-08-19T08:35:59+00:00

Praying For My Daughter-In-Law

Juanita, New Zealand Last week on Sunday after coming home from church, my daughter in law asked me if I had any antibiotics

Praying For My Daughter-In-Law2021-08-03T09:07:16+00:00

Son Prayed For Father

Judene, South Africa The class was attended by my husband and 7 year old son. After the class my husband complained of pain

Son Prayed For Father2021-07-02T07:08:33+00:00
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