Praying For My Daughter-In-Law

Juanita, New Zealand

Last week on Sunday after coming home from church, my daughter in law asked me if I had any antibiotics for kidney infections. The old me (before joining my Spirit Lifestyle Class) would have said ‘yes I will get them out’, but God said to me ‘why don’t you ask if she would like you to pray for healing for her?’. So I did! After I prayed I asked if it was any better, and she said a ‘little bit’.  I said ‘no we are not having this! I will continue to pray!’. The second time I prayed she let out a large “WOW!!”. As I was praying she felt heat (like if you were just about to burn yourself) and she felt pain go up her arm and then out! She has had no pain since and no antibiotics! God is great!! I have prayed for healing many times before but now I wont give up so easily. I will keep going until the person is healed! Thank you Lord!