Wow That Was A Quick Miracle!

A FEW WEEKS AGO, soon after we opened, a woman popped intoMiracle Café Bangor just to ask if we were dog friendly. I told her that we welcome well-behaved dogs and have a special seating area for customers with dogs. I also explained why we’re called the Miracle Café and she then told me her husband had been rushed to hospital; it was very serious and she was extremely worried. She gladly accepted our prayer for him and began to cry as we prayed for a miracle for him and peace for her.

Now, a few weeks later that same woman came in with her mother, her daughter, her husband and their dog! As they ordered food, the woman excitedly told me how after we’d prayed for her husband, she and her mother had gone straight to the hospital to take him some clothes. As they walked into the building, he was walking out to meet them, completely healed! They were so shocked. Apparently both mother and daughter exchanged glances and shrieked, “Wow, that was a very quick miracle!” and explained to the husband about their visit to our café.
They were all amazed as they told us what had happened and that our prayers had been answered instantly.

As we were chatting, the woman’s daughter looked to be in pain so I asked her what the problem was. She’d injured her back at work – it was painful and stiff and difficult to move. So we released the healing power of Jesus for that and after they’d all finished their meals, she stood up and said it was better! I told them some more about Jesus, and when the husband asked me to thank Jesus on his behalf, his wife said, ‘You can thank Him yourself’ – we all laughed!

She then spotted my books on the shelf and bought ‘How to be healed and stay healed’ (available at so they could all find out more about the Jesus they’d just discovered!

Your healing (spirit, soul and body) is freely available from Jesus – it’s free because He paid the price 2,000 years ago. So receive it now through the power of His name as we celebrate His death and resurrection this weekend. And if you know someone who needs healing, consider sharing this post with them as you pray for their healing. Distance is no barrier!

Aliss Cresswell