Word Of Knowledge Confirmation

Matthews, Kenya

A few weeks ago we were studying the gifts of the Holy Spirit during our Spirit Lifestyle class, specifically on word of wisdom and knowledge. Another member gave me a word of knowledge “the Lord is saying the assignment is not yours”. This word troubled me a lot because I did not know which assignment the Lord was referring to, so my spirit kind of went into an alert mode almost avoiding all spiritual assignments!

I started asking the Holy Spirit to clarify the word of knowledge to help give me a clear direction. In less than one week of receiving the word of knowledge my elder brother called me and told me that his daughter was getting married. He asked me to attend the ceremony alongside my other siblings, but he insisted that I should be the one to officiate/program the day.

As the youngest in the family I found this rather uncomfortable but I told him that I would travel there a day or two before the wedding and we could discuss his request then. After the telephone conversation deep within me something asked me “is this really your assignment”, I believe this was the voice of the Holy Spirit.

In my mind I thought ‘maybe I can attend the function and avoid the responsibility that was being assigned to me, after all there will be other brothers who can take up the role’. Two days before I was supposed to travel I got so sick to the point of losing my voice. I called my brother and informed him that I could not officiate the wedding since I had the flu and my voice was not okay. I concluded this must be the assignment the LORD spoke about so I did not attend the function since my health was not good.

To my surprise, none of my other siblings attended this function as planned. And looking back I believe the Lord saved me and my siblings’ from a nasty situation that happened there. Praise God!

I am learning a lot of new things on this platform and I am sure that my life will never be the same again. Thank you Jesus for bringing me across this great ministry. To Rob and Aliss a big thank you for obeying the voice of God on mentoring others.