Turn Your Life Around

A YOUNG GUY came into the Miracle Café for his lunch and also asked for a personal prophecy from the menu. We shared how he has a leadership gift and is going to influence a lot of people. But God wanted him to know that he has a decision to make: is he going to use that gift to influence and lead people down the wrong path or onto the right path? Just like a drug dealer leads and influences people down the wrong path, he has a choice whether to do that or to choose the right way – God’s way – for himself and for those he influences.

His eyes were wide as he told us that he was a dealer and a user, but just recently he’s decided he wants to go down the right path and turn his life around! He stayed for ages chatting to us about Jesus then got one of my books ‘Unexpected Miracles’ and seemed really keen to read about others who’ve turned their lives around through supernatural encounters with God. I believe he’s going to start a movement. Something about him reminded me of Lonnie Frisbee, the guy who started the Jesus Movement in 1960s America.

I encourage you to look beyond the external image of people – me and Rob used to be gothic punks! You just never know what God has in store for them. In fact, next time you’re sitting or standing next to someone who looks different to you, why not ask the Holy Spirit to show you something about them that will encourage them – maybe something about their destiny – and share it with them? You may be surprised at what happens next.

Aliss Cresswell

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