Truth & Power

Helen, Wolverhampton, UK

Earlier this year I got invited to join a small group to explore a Spirit Lifestyle course. I jumped at the chance as I knew Naomi Chamroo was facilitating the course and my sister was also very keen to learn more. Naomi had previously helped me on my journey of faith with some unforgiveness in my story and also with some training on interpreting dreams. Naomi is someone I have a deep trust in, she is wholly committed to all that God has for her and all those around her.

I knew that if she thought this was a good course I really wanted to do it. I have not been disappointed. I have found the spirit lifestyle course to be so encouraging. It has made me realise that over the years I have believed my negative experiences when it comes to healing or deliverance over Gods Word. Aliss and Rob bring the truth and power of Gods Word in such a warm and natural way. After each video they encourage us to put our faith into action with an activation.

I feel that as a result of the course my faith has risen and my prayer life has gone much deeper and I feel much bolder in my identity in Christ. The small group is a safe and open space that gives each of us the courage to share our thoughts and feelings and step out in faith and activate all that we have learned. I am so thankful for this course, to Rob and Aliss for their hearts and to Naomi for facilitating such a life changing course.

I would encourage anyone feeling stuck or frustrated in their faith to give this course a try. Don’t hesitate to do whatever it takes to discover the freedom and power that Christ died to give all those who believe in him.