Thirsty For The Living Water

THREE MUSLIM GIRLS regularly come into the Miracle Café. They’re students from the Middle East and speak Arabic. One speaks really good English, but the others need her to interpret for them, which gets a bit tricky when we’re prophesying and have to speak slowly. They come in regularly because they are sooo hungry for encounters with God and they bring different friends with them each time.

I woke up with the beginning of Isaiah 55 going round my head: “Come, all you who are thirsty, come to the waters…” and when the three of them walked in the door, I knew it was for them. They were thirsty for LIVING water, not just for the amazing drinks we do! In Bangor there’s a hidden river that runs underground, parallel to the high street where our café is, so I explained to them how the Spirit of God, the living water is like a river underground and just like a tree’s roots go deep to find water, so they are searching for the river of life. How they are discovering that river as they keep coming back for more – thirsty to know God personally, and experiencing a taste of heaven.

I explained how once they tap into that river, the Spirit of Jesus, they can drink deeply and receive eternal life, life in all its fulness, each and every day.
After prophesying and praying for them in turn, they then began asking for advice on life. There are so many young women (and men actually), who have no-one to speak wisdom into their lives and nowhere they feel they can go, but they come into our café and feel safe, hearing Godly wisdom, and encountering Him personally.

As they got up to leave, we all held hands in a circle and asked the Holy Spirit, the Spirit of Jesus, to fill them. They began to giggle as they felt a strong presence of the love of God physically and received the Spirit of Life through Jesus. Amazing!

Aliss Cresswell

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