Stroke Side Effects Leave, Fibromyalgia Pain Gone, Peace Come…

Aliss Cresswell

A GUY CAME INTO THE CAFE WHO’D HAD A STROKE and his wife asked us to pray for him. He said he couldn’t move one side of his body properly. As we prayed he said it began to get painful and got worse! I told him it was probably just an evil spirit leaving, so we told it to go and it did. Then he said he was getting more feeling back in his body than normal and was able to move his foot in a way he couldn’t before.


His wife told us she had Fibromyalgia and had seen someone else in our café get healed of that, so she asked for healing too. We explained how that’s usually just caused by a spirit of pain so she asked God to forgive her for coming into agreement with that demon and she told it to go in the name of Jesus. The evil spirits left and so did all the pain!


A lovely young lady – I think she was a student – came in and asked for personal prophecy. We shared what was on God’s heart for her and before we knew it she was asking Jesus into her life.


Just as we were closing, another student came in. She was about to leave when we told her we were closing, but she looked upset so we invited her to stay for a coffee. We were shocked by what she told us: her best friend had committed suicide just 2 days ago. She asked us to pray for her and also another friend of hers who just arrived. They hugged and wept together.


So thankful for this café and being able to provide a little piece of heaven in this city.

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