Reaching Afghanistan Refugees

Theda, Germany (Spirit Lifestyle Coach)

In the last six years I have been getting to know several Afghanistan refugee families in our community and there is a big desire in my heart to contact them and tell them about Jesus’ love for them and HIS supernatural possibilities. They need Him so urgently. Especially in this new situation with the Taliban takeover in Kabul! The closest contact I am keeping to one certain family with four daughters. The mother told me about the fear her mother and siblings in Afghanistan are in because of the situation in the country, particularly because of the danger for young girls and boys (to be captured and brought to Pakistan to be married to a man or to be educated to be a Taliban soldier).

But God is already moving here!! He is healing the thyroid of my Afghanistan friend and the kidneys of a girl from an Indian family in our neighbourhood. Additionally he delivered her sister of an evil spirit which caused epilepsy. But they need to be trained in Christian faith – so I am planning to start a local Spirit Lifestyle class for them. Please keep us in your prayers!

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