Prayer In The Barber Shop

THE BARBER FROM DOWN THE ROAD popped into the café to order bacon sandwiches. I took them to his shop and put them on the counter but he beckoned me to the back of the shop. He was cutting a guy’s hair and he told his customer how I’d prayed for him in our café recently and prophesied, and he asked if I’d pray for them both. The guy in the chair wanted me to pray for a good hand of cards for his poker game that night but I laughed and said I pray according to God’s will and He hasn’t told me what to pray for that, so there’s no point! But I invited the presence of Jesus to come and both of them started freaking out as they could feel the power and presence of God tangibly in their bodies.
Back in the café, and a couple came in – the first thing the guy said when he came through the door was ‘I’ve come for my miracle!’ I thought he was serious as a lot of people come asking about that, but he was joking as he’d just seen the name of our place: ‘Miracle Café’ on the sign outside. I seated them at a table and explained about the spiritual aspect of our café. They ordered breakfasts, and the wife told me she had bad sciatic pain. She was prayed for and said straight away that all the pain had left. We prophesied to the husband about making a profit in business and turns out he’s in business and after many years, thinks this year he’s going to start turning a profit. Initially he said he wasn’t really into religion or God at all, but by the time he left our café he was so intrigued and wanting to know more that they stayed for ages chatting and asking questions.
Some ladies came in who said they were spiritual but I sensed a lot of demonic stuff and one of the women was quite aggressive in the way she spoke. I stayed smiling and being pleasant, and on the way out they seemed really happy, stopping to take selfies in front of our angel wings mural, saying they’d be back.
A couple had booked for afternoon tea and it turns out they’d come a long way from the South of England – many hours’ drive. They didn’t know anything about us, but it was his 60th and he’d asked the Lord what he should do for his birthday. The Holy Spirit had told them to go to the Miracle Café in Bangor, so they drove all that way! We prophesied and prayed for healing and they said they’d had a wonderful time.
A young lady at one of the tables said she’d come in because her aunt had been healed in her car when we’d prayed for her outside. She was the one with arthritic knees who’d then brought her sister in with arthritic hips for prayer recently. The niece today told me that the lady with the hips had slept all night since then with no pain for the first time in a very long time.
I just want to thank all of you who are praying for us, for all our wonderful customers and to those who are giving into our café fundraiser or partnering with us financially so that we can keep up this amazing work. Hoping to open more cafes in other places soon too!

If you would like to become a financial partner and help us continue this work in Wales and open more Miracle Cafés in much needed places, then head on over to our Café website (link below) to set up a regular payment. We are so grateful for whatever amount you are able to give, no matter how large or small the amount. Thank you!