Playground Ministry

Mirjam, Tennessee, USA (Spirit Lifestyle Coach)

I had mentioned before I have a Playground Ministry! I mostly witness or testify, rarely pray for someone. Most Moms are young and healthy. But yesterday my son had a playdate at the Playground and the boy’s grandmother came. She was sitting at one of the picnic tables and she told me she had suffered a stabbing pain in her back all day.

She didn’t know what had happened, thinking she slept wrong. She is a sweet believer and I told her that Jesus heals people all the time! So I asked her if I could pray. She was so happy for me to pray! I have not seen that in anyone here over the past four years.

I prayed shortly and asked her to move her back. She said it was a little better. So I prayed again. And then, after the second time, she moved her back and looked up with big eyes and said, “It’s gone! It’s gone! Thank You Lord!” It made me so happy!!! Thank You Lord for Your miracle working power!

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