No Longer Needing Surgery!

A WOMAN & HER HUSBAND CAME INTO OUR CAFE RECENTLY. After drinking his coffee, the husband went off to do some errands, and we got chatting with his wife who was happy to eat cake and watch the passers-by from her comfy seat in the window. She got telling us how her knee and her hip were extremely painful and she needed surgery. We offered to pray and she was quite shocked as she told us all the pain had gone. She was not expecting that at all!

I began to sense some of her emotional pain and felt quite tearful as I began to describe what she was feeling. She then became very emotional and said I’d described exactly how she felt and what she was going through. So we then prophesied about God’s love for her and all the wonderful things He has planned for her life and that He’s just waiting for her to surrender her life to Him. She thanked us and then left.

A couple of weeks later that woman was back, this time with her sister. Apparently the prophecy we’d given her in the Café was so powerful she wanted her sister to experience God too. Then she explained how after we’d prayed for her knee and hip last time, all the pain went and hasn’t returned, and she no longer needs surgery! How amazing! Her sister wanted prophecy too, and as we shared God’s heart for her, she was in tears. Then before we knew it, both ladies were asking Jesus into their lives and hugging us, thanking us for helping them understand who they really are and for introducing them to Jesus.

When we first saw them, they looked so downcast and with the weight of the world on their shoulders. But since they met Jesus they are both so full of joy – what a transformation!

Aliss Cresswell

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