My Life Has Been Turned Upside Down!

Chris, England, UK

The weekly online Spirit Lifestyle Classes have turned my life upside down (for the right reasons)! I had been feeling rather lost, but now I’ve never felt such a weight off my shoulders, a black shroud has been lifted, so very peaceful, a lot less stressed and so much more calmness. More get up and go, so life all round has improved: health and fitness too but more importantly – spiritually.

I saw Spirit Lifestyle advertised on Facebook, and was invited along by someone I know (my secondary school form tutor – Ali) – as she thought this would be just what I needed. These classes were to be held online due to the coronavirus (covid-19) lockdown, and still didn’t stop me signing up! I wasn’t sure what to expect apart from they were classes to do with improving Mind, Body and Spirit.

After having watched the first video, it was a fantastic reminder to me as to who God is, how the Holy Spirit can work and change in people. After the video, Ali (the Coach) read out the following message sent from God: does anyone here feel like they have a black shroud/black sheet covering them and whatever they do can’t seem to shake it off? Well, this felt like me. And after prayer, I felt the Holy Spirit remove this from me, and I felt a huge weight off my shoulders.

I have also since had a revelation as to what the black shroud was, and prayed to the Holy Spirit for the black shroud / evil spirit never to return. Ever since, I have the Holy Spirit changing me for the better, I have felt more calm and a lot more at peace.

I have since watched many more videos on the website, also I have read: ‘How to Be Healed and Stay Healed’ by Aliss Cresswell – be ready for the Holy Spirit to work in you! I will be forever grateful for Rob and Aliss Cresswell for all the work they have done and are doing, in so many people’s lives by not only healing but leading them to Jesus